Cure My Hangover

The Search for the Best Hangover Cures

The best thing you can do is work on preventing the hangover. From our experience there is no easy way to cure a hangover but we are here to find you the best cures out there. The best way to get over a hangover is to replenish your body with the nutrients it lost processing all the booze you drank. Two of the major causes of a hangover are; dehydration caused by the diuretic effect of Alcohol and the buildup of toxins such as acetaldehyde, a byproduct of processing ethanol. Your body may also not have enough nutrients to process the alcohol and the alcohol will not leave your system until it does, if you wake up 8 hours later and you're still drunk, this may be the case. Your goal should be to give your body back as much nutrients and fluids as possible, this will help process the remaining alcohol and cure your hangover.

Step 1 - Hydrate

Start before you go to sleep, every bit of water you get into your system before you go to sleep helps 10 fold over the water you drink in the morning. Keeping your body hydrated is critical in processing the alcohol and preventing a headache caused by dehydration.

Drink This:

DON'T Drink This:

  • Coffee - This will dehydrate you further and it may feel good for a bit, you will feel worse in the longrun.
  • More Booze "Hair of the dog" - You're asking for trouble, you can really screw up your body by doing this. If your liver doesn't give out, your stomach eventually will.
  • TIP: Don't drink anything that tastes too strong or too sour, you don't want your body to do any extra work processing it or messing with your stomach. Don't drink highly carbonated drinks, they may upset your stomach and if you're nauseous, induce vomiting.

Step 2 - Feed

Eating not only helps to slow down the absorption of additional alcohol already in your stomach, it will give your body nutrients. Eating a large meal may also cause drowsiness, which will help you sleep and let your body rest and repair it self.

Eat This:

DON'T Eat This:

Step 3 - Rest

Ever heard of "Rest is the best medicine?" well, in this case it's probably true. It's remarkable how much better you can feel with even a couple of hours of rest. Some may argue that the metabolism slows down when you're sleeping. Would you rather be awake for hours waiting for the hangover to go away or sleep in your comfy bed? You can't argue with the results a good sleep provides.